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Your story is not only valuable in the world, 
it’s empowering to live a life thats makes you come alive. 

Beyond out 3x-per-year storytelling events, you can work with Chelsea and/or Shea directly in a number of different ways…


We can keynote speak at your event about the power of storytelling, and how knowing your own story can bring fulfillment to your life and work, inspire change, and connect you deeper with your community.

Story Coaching

We offer story coaching to individuals or businesses that are preparing to tell their story at an event, on an about-page, written article, or for self awareness and clarity.

Story Workshops​

We offer story coaching workshops to groups and businesses at your event, conference or retreat.  Knowing your story can bring more fulfillment to your work and inspire change to align what you do with your values, skills and passions

You can also work with Chelsea or Shea directly with their individual coaching / consulting businesses to get clarity and take action with your life. 

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