May Erlewine, Earthwork Music Collective

May Erlewine is a Michigan based singer songwriter and a member of the Earthwork Music Collective. She plays guitar, fiddle, viola, piano and a few other instruments, but mostly she sings. Her songs are treasured by people of all faiths and politics. May’s songs are sung (and recorded) by other artists, both great and small. May comes from a family of artists and musicians. Early on she was exposed to music (and people) of all kinds. May was home-educated, came up singing and while still just a teenager hitchhiked all across North America playing in small and large towns, riding freight trains with her little dog, and busking on the streets.


Ty Schmidt, Carter’s Compost

A Canadian import, Ty grew up in small town Manitoba. After receiving his Masters degree in Physical Therapy from The University of North Dakota and an 7 year stint in Tucson, Ty moved to Traverse City in 2006. He is married to the lovely Johanna, a Leelanau County girl, and is currently a part time physical therapist (he job shares with Johanna) at Munson. Ty started Carter’s Compost, a bike-powered community composting business, with his two boys, Carter and Jameson, in 2012 and then co-founded Norte!, a bike-centric, youth-focused nonprofit, with Johanna in 2013.


Pete Kirkwood, The Workshop Brewery

Pete Kirkwood is The Workshop Brewing Co founder which stands for the motto: Nature, Community, Craft. Pete says he is not an investment banker, roofer, developer, disaster response specialist, farmer, dot-com guy, copywriter, barista, or lawyer (although he has been all of these things). He’s not even a brewer (although he has started two breweries). He’s a philosopher. His agenda is social change and his medium, for now, is beer.




“My mission in life is to use what I’m good at and passionate about for good, and to inspire others to do what makes them come alive and make a difference in the world.” I manifest this as a graphic designer, video producer, coach/ consultant, speaker and event creator. She has been designing for environmentally and socially responsible entrepreneurs over the last 13+ years. She works with those looking to create or find meaningful work that is aligned with their values, strengths, and what makes them come alive – from the inside out. Through all of her work, she empowers others to make ideas happen, be successful and make a difference. Having lived and traveled around the world, Chelsea chose to make Traverse City her home, the very place she started.


As a creative and a life coach, she is a self-proclaimed relational strategist who connects with people for a purpose. Shea is endlessly curious about people and has dedicated her life’s work to preserving the art of conversation and engagement, which is the foundation of her one-on-one coaching work. A recovering evangelical, she brings spiritual undertones to her writing, thinking and humor. As a writer, she has contributed to Kinfolk, The Life Artist, Culture Keeper and her own blog. By day she is the Chief Experience Officer at Prout Financial Design where she also produces and co-hosts a weekly radio show. You will find her most alive when she is conversing with YOU! Quote to live by: “Be curious, not judgmental.” -Walt Whitman